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    Thank you for your interest in a membership with the Baldwin County Society for Human Resource Management (BCSHRM).  Our group is a local chapter affiliate with the Society for Human Resource Management.

    The Baldwin County Society for Human Resource Management (BCSHRM), exists to promote quality human resource practice among local industries, businesses, educational institutions, and governmental agencies; and to provide leadership to workforce development efforts in Baldwin County. We bring together leading practitioners to provide education, networking and discussion of human resource topics; and to identify best practices for all aspects of human resource and industrial relations work. 


    • Monthly Meetings and Networking
    • Exposure to other HR professionals and companies – revealing how other organizations handle various human resource situations, procedures, policies, etc.
    • Up-to-date information provided by guest speakers on a variety of HR and business-related topics.
    • HR best practices that have been effective in other organizations.
    • A network of individual professionals and specialists – our members represent a broad range of HR knowledge and years of experience within the profession.
    • An opportunity to earn recertification credits

    These are just a few of the available opportunities as a BCSHRM member. We invite you to browse our Events page and be our guest at any monthly meeting.

    Membership Requirements 

    Professional Membership  $50.00

    Professional membership shall be limited to those individuals who are engaged as one or more of the following:

    • HR degree - holds at least a Bachelor's Degree in HR and has three (3) years experience in HRM and seeks a full-time HR position;
    • Faculty position - applicant is a faculty member who has taught HRM courses for at least three (3) years;
    • Job function - practitioners of HR management for at least 50% of their professional time;
    • Certification - holds an HR certification recognized by SHRM for at least two (2) years;
    • Attorney - has at least three (3) years of experience counseling and advising employers on matters relating to the human resource profession
    • Student - applicant must be a junior/senior student either part-time or full-time at a local university majoring in Human Resource Management.

    Professional members may vote and hold Board positions in the chapter, pending the requirements of the position are met.

    Student Membership  No Fee
    Student membership is available to individuals who are enrolled either as full-time or part-time college student of an accredited college or university with emphasis in human resources management.  Student members may not vote or hold office in the Chapter.
    Associate Membership  $100.00
    Associate membership is available to individuals who do not meet the qualifications of the other classes of membership, but who demonstrate a bona fide interest in human resource management and the mission of the Chapter.  Associate members may be engaged in providing a product and/or service to the HR community.  Associate members may vote but not hold office in the Chapter.
    Affiliate Membership  $200.00
    Affiliate membership is available to individuals outside the foregoing categories who demonstrate a bona fide interest in human resource management.  Affiliate members should be engaged in providing a product and/or service to the HR community; major classifications include HR Service Providers and individuals who work in a sales capacity.  Only one employee membership will be permitted in this membership; additional company employees will be required to apply for an Associate Membership.  Affiliate membership includes sponsorship of one meeting or event and their business name and logo will be listed in monthly newsletters for the calendar year.  Affiliate members may vote but may not hold office in the Chapter.

    Ready to join?  Click Here to submit your online application for membership.


    Questions or need additional information?  Please email inquiry to Brandi Ingram, 2021 President.